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Future vision & through the winter together

Date: October 2022

Reading time: 10 minutes


Dear members, 


This message is about our vision for the future and how we want to deal with the current energy crisis at the Workplace. But before we explain this, we would like to take you back to the beginning. When we decided to invest our savings in this concept, we thought very carefully about the possible risks. In the middle of the pandemic, we literally considered war as an extreme, but even if it did break out, we couldn't foresee the impact it would have as we are experiencing it now.


We are now a year and a half further since the start of the Workplace. We are proud to note that there is a very nice, cheerful atmosphere in the spaces, where people know how to find each other through different lines and that we are growing. We can't wait for the first 'Kom uit je Winterdip-feest' to take place here, and dream even harder, a second location will be opened in Amsterdam. 


Because that is and remains our mission; an affordable workplace for everyone within 15 minutes walking or cycling from your home. And by everyone we mean: for every wallet. As part of this mission, we have a different, variable subscription form in mind in the future. As a member you then have the  option to increase your basic subscription with a variable contribution, because you experience that the Workplace adds value to your company. We understand that this goes against certain feelings, because why pay more if you don't have to? But what happens if you know that this extra income makes it possible, for example, that people from your neighborhood with a tight(er) budget can also come and work at the Werkplek (more connection with the neighbourhood), or that more facilities will be created, such as a podcast studio, online meeting facilities, a mobility hub, free yoga classes or dinner parties. Money that benefits your own working environment, neighborhood and network, and in which you can decide for yourself. 


We envision a workplace where we all investigatively build something, which differs from a standard workplace and which is based more on social and connecting pillars. This can create an ecosystem in which everyone feels at home and where you add value to each other and the neighbourhood. Part of the search is, for example, which organizational form best suits this; a steward-owned cooperative, a social BV or something else? At least something that everyone can build on.


We are now very much overtaken by the reality of the energy market and we have to cope with all the rising prices in order to set up a profitable business. The easiest solution would be to pass on the price increases one-to-one in the subscriptions, but then we ignore our own mission. Instead, we want to bring forward the variable subscription model that used to be future music, in the hope and wish that broader shoulders can carry greater burdens.


We all know that a number of basic services have become much more expensive, such as gas and electricity. The Workplace also depends on the (variable) gas prices. To give you an idea: if current prices do not fall, we will pay € 3,400 per month (compared to € 1,000 last year), whereby we will still benefit slightly from a price cap. And to be honest, so far we haven't earned anything from the Workplace; we immediately reinvest the profit we make in the many improvements and sustainability (and of course, parties!). So with these energy rates it is made very difficult for us to sustain this for a long time as entrepreneurs. 


Fortunately, we also have good news to report. We have been informed by the municipality that the expected end date of the building is not the end of 2023, but sometime in 2025. This gives us more room to make new investments profitable.


What have we already done to reduce energy consumption?

  • We have lowered the heating by at least 1 degree during office hours; the aim is 20 degrees to maintain a pleasant working climate in all work areas. That is quite difficult with one thermostat at 12a for all rooms; we are currently trying to map out how we can achieve this in the most efficient way possible. 

  • We have had the gas and electricity meters of 12c reduced (an investment of €1,700), which will save on standing charges from October 2022. 
  • This summer we had a younger/more economical central heating boiler installed in 12a.

  • To ensure that the heat remains within the various work areas, we have fitted closers on almost all connecting doors. 

  • We identify which devices are (unnecessary) energy guzzlers. We have now turned the hot water boiler in the kitchen less hot, the large refrigerator less cold and maybe we will turn off one of the general (white) refrigerators.


What else are we going to do?

  • The Lounge warehouse is a poorly insulated space, so we will take care of it with a few insulating measures. This is how we want to ensure that it is also pleasant to work in the Lounge Warehouse:

    • insulating the ceiling 

    • insulating the roller door with, for example, a large curtain

    • more rugs on the floor for insulation

    • insulate attic space.

  • In the Expoloods we will take insulating measures at the roller doors.

  • In the other rooms we want to apply foil behind the radiators

  • We collect blankets and warm clothing such as vests and body warmers for collective use. So if you can spare a warm piece of clothing for general use, take it with you. There will soon be a special coat rack for this in the printer room.

  • Because we can probably stay longer in this place, we are currently actively investigating whether it is possible to put second-hand solar panels on the roof. 

  • We provide electric heating to warm up your workplace if desired. We will pass on the extra costs through the peat list; more about this soon.

  • Temperature and CO2 meters will be installed in most rooms so that we can properly monitor the working climate.

  • We strive to keep prices in the kitchen as low as possible.


The above are things that we have done or will do. But we also need your help to be able to bear this together financially and practically:


How can you contribute financially?

  • As indicated earlier, we are introducing the variable subscription form that allows you to determine for yourself what you think is the added value of the Workplace. Your current subscription price remains the starting point, but if you can spare more and think that we are worth more than we charge, you can make an extra contribution via this link:


  • This additional contribution is not mandatory, but is very much appreciated.

  • This extra contribution can be adjusted at any time (please before the 15th of a month) via the link in the confirmation email you receive after completing the form.

  • The income generated by this extra contribution will be used to cover rising energy costs and investments for energy-saving measures.

  • Just as you value the Workspace, the Workspace values your contribution. Of course you have our big thanks in advance, and we will show that in an appropriate way, we just don't know how yet... anyone have nice ideas?

  • If it is not possible for you to automatically pay an extra monthly amount, but you do want to contribute something now and then, you can do so via the Turflijst. At the very bottom are the Energy Donation buttons of €1 and €10. 

  • If you want to be even more comfortable at your workplace and you use one of the electric heaters or (heating) air conditioners, these extra energy costs are for your own account. You can also specify this via the Turflist. More info about this later. 

  • We will probably measure the costs for heating the Expo warehouse with intermediate meters. We will pass on the extra energy costs on the invoice.

  • You help us by tallying everything you buy, because every forgotten coffee counts. We trust that you also properly turf visitors, parking spaces and meeting rooms. 


What else can you do?

  • The most important thing besides the extra contribution: help us actively recruit new members. The more people use the same energy, the more beneficial it becomes indirectly. Shout it from the rooftops that you have such a nice (warm) workplace ;-)



People you refer and who give your name when registering do not pay a registration fee of € 15, - and you receive a € 10, - discount on your next invoice for each new member.


  • Help us with your time and knowledge. For example, do you have fun marketing ideas or can you help us set up a good campaign (turn off your heating at home..., your own office too expensive?.... come to the Workplace). All help and promotion for a warm winter campaign are welcome. We can also use your help during a job weekend for the energy-saving measures. But who knows, we can also use your network; For example, do you know an (available) solar panel installer or specialist or a smart app to better monitor energy? All ideas and help to save energy are welcome.

  • You help us a lot with the following practical matters:

    • Turn off your heating at home and come and work with us, so that we don't heat the rooms for nothing ;-)

    • Put on warm clothes if you don't like 20 degrees.

    • Be aware of the energy consumption at the Workplace and help us minimize this by always closing the doors properly behind you, by not using appliances such as extra heaters, air conditioners, batteries and lamps unnecessarily and by using kitchen appliances efficiently. Because every little bit helps!


The current energy crisis is urgent, although we hope that you will not experience it that way while working at the Werkplek. Nevertheless, we kindly ask you to consciously consider making a contribution, financial and/or practical. We hope that in this way we can deal with the energy crisis in a social way. This crisis has become the reason to inspire you with the vision of the future that we have in mind with the Workplace. 


We will keep you informed of all adjustments and make the additional income and expenses transparent. Due to the lack of a crystal ball, we unfortunately cannot rule out the possibility that we may be forced to take slightly more drastic measures to avert this crisis.

We trust that we can always work it out together.


It is important for us to know what you think, let us know via (reply) email, personal app or live. Do you like to think along or do you have ideas, feedback or questions? Tuesday, November 15 at 1:00 pm. we would love to see you in the Loungeloods to think further together.


Thank you!

Mark & Marion


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