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Special promotion for members

from NDSM Fight Club

Combining sports and work, that sounds ideal right? Therefore you get als member of NDSM fightclub 

1 month free flexible working as a gift at the Werkplek.


Less than a 5-minute walk from NDSM fightclub you will find the Workplace, ideal to start or end your day with an hour of shooting and then get to work fully focused in a nice no-nonsense working environment.  


Good WiFi, ditto coffee, ergonomic desks and chairs. Furthermore, space to discuss and call, and nice people around you. De Werkplek has brought all that together and for a great price. 


If you feel at home at NDSM fightclub, you will also feel at home at the Werkplek!


To be eligible for this promotion, schedule a no-obligation tour via the button below


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